Hi, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Tine, founder of Binkies.

The webshop ‘Binkies’ is born from a great passion and love for rabbits. This passion started about 9 years ago, when I had my first rabbit ‘Snuffel’. I’m happy to say that Snuffel has still an important place in my life. About one year later, I got my second rabbit called ‘Daantje’, but unfortunately he died in 2015. Now, Snuffel lives together with Simba, a cute rabbit that I’ve got out of the shelter.

Passion for rabbits

Because of those 2 sweethearts, my love for rabbits has grown. They really mean the world to me and they are a part of my life. This passion is actually visible everywhere. In the garden, at home, even in the wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look:

Every time I find something new about rabbits, my eyes are sparkling 😉 Making this website, looking for new products is exciting, fun! This means that I keep looking for new products, to bring rabbits in our live and cheer up every rabbit lover. I hope I can share my passion with you!


Ps: I want to apologize for my English, as it’s not my main language, there might be some mistakes in it.